There is a growing trend towards cremation, instead of traditional burial. But perhaps the old ways are actually better?

If you’re on this page, you’ve been thinking about cremation as a final arrangement. Perhaps you feel it’s the best choice for the environment. Maybe you think it’s the cheapest option. Maybe Mom or Dad specifically asked to be cremated, and you’re simply carrying out their wishes.

Whatever the reason, it’s best to make an educated choice. We’re not going to convince you to do something you don’t want to do, but don’t you think it best to weigh all the options first?

Private Cremation

is cremation the green choice?

This is an understandable myth, partially based on fact, partially on misunderstanding. Standard burial in the United States is not green. The use of embalming fluid, a heavy oak casket (often with velvet and metal trimmings), and a cement vault has a negative impact on the environment. Against that, cremation is a no-brainer.

Yet, cremation is not environmentally friendly either. Besides the burning of natural gas, greenhouse gases, mercury (dental fillings, for instance) dioxins and furans are released into the environment.Mercury released can turn into methylmercury, which can be deadly.

So, what’s the other choice? Green burial. Green burial utilizes a biodegradable casket, no embalming, and no vault. And guess what? Jewish burial is Green burial. The South Florida Jewish Cemetery is one of three Green Cemeteries certified by the Green Burial Council in Florida, and the only one located in South Florida. Looking for an environmentally friendly choice? Look no further than South Florida Jewish Cemetery.

Viewing Cremation


Let’s be honest — yes, cremation is the cheapest option. There is no denying that cremating a loved one is the cheapest way to go. However, there are other costs associated that people don’t necessarily think about. Emotional costs — cremation robs us of a place to visit, a place for our children to visit their grandparents. The urn of ashes on the mantle soon becomes commonplace, and gallows humor about the urn often replaces the reverence one would feel when visiting the hallowed ground of burial.  Let’s be honest again — cremation does not provide the kind of closure and continued connection for your family which burial preceded by your goodbye, your participation in a ceremony and the burial itself can possibly provide.

Yes, cremation is cheaper, but is it worth the cost?

If you are seriously considering burial, but simply cannot afford it, please reach out to us. We created this non-profit cemetery for people like you. Don’t let cost be the factor to sway your decision.

Individual Cremation


Growing older, and towards their last years, we may have heard our parents mention they’d prefer to be cremated. “Don’t fuss over me,” perhaps they said. “Do a cremation, and be done with it.” Maybe they didn’t want to be a burden. Maybe they cared for the environment, the costs, and were afraid no one would visit. But were they right?

Judaism teaches that when a person passes, they are still very much alive. Their soul, which is the true person, can see and understand just as if they were still alive. Imagine the horror, the pain and misery the soul must experience when it sees their body destroyed. How can we possible put Mom through that?

Without a doubt, if one were to ask their loved one what they want, the resounding answer would be, “Burial!” Remember, we burn our trash, but we bury our treasure. Please reach out to a representative to discuss possible burial options.